Dolmenwood Tales #10. Travelling to the Oak Tree

I know that I am behindhand with posting the write-ups of the session of two weeks ago. But I have been busy and better late than never. As usual, I say thanks to DoronTheElf for his patience and effort in writing these summaries for the group and my blog. This time I have not so much to add, so there won’t be the commentary of the session at the bottom of the post.


  • Mallomahr, the Dolmenwood Elf
  • Baldrick, the Friar
  • Vardast Blackwall, the Paladin [My character]
  • Crinkledink, the Woodgrue
  • Sóncræft, the Ministrel

Henchmen Hired:

  • Theune the ‘Tome Keeper’, 1st-level magic user. Graduate of the the Royal Institute of Physicks and Sorcerers in Castle Brackenwold. Loyal to Mallomahr.
  • Breyir the ‘Headlopper’, 1st-level fighter. Trained in Prigwort. Loyal to Crinkledink. Personality: prankster.
  • Griya the ‘Braggart to Burn’, heavy footman. Personality: braggart.
  • Mannog the ‘Grim’, light footman. Personality: kill-joy.
Straight from DoronTheElf’s playlist

28th of Lymevald, day 16 at Dolmenwood

As you were fighting with the animated bramble and the Drunes, Mallomahr saw a tall figure, dressed in colourful clothes, coming from the back of the room. As one of the brambles was falling down motionless and burnt, the figure shouted ‘everyone stop’ and the rest of the Drunes lowered their weapons.

The Drune Master explained that his people mistook Mallomahr for a frost elf, and he asked explanations for your intrusion. He also asked about the Tomb of Sir Chyde and whether you discovered any other portals to the Fey realm apart from the fountain at the lower level. The Drune Master finally asked whether you can recover a chalice from an underground realm below a giant oak tree. The Drunes have located the position of the tree but they cannot spare any men right now; they are involved in a bloody feud with the Goat Lords. The Drune Master said that he doesn’t know much about what you might encounter there; he has only heard rumours that the dwarves who live down there worship an idol of solid emerald. He also mentioned that you should replace the chalice with a stone that he will give you, noting that there is no risk involved for you. Finally, he said that his people will escort you there, showing all the landmarks on the way, and that you can stay at night in the Drune outpost if you wish (with the condition that you will be blindfolded as you will be taken to your rooms).

You decided to spend the night camping in the forest but you couldn’t find a camping site so you headed back to the cave. You spent the evening listening to the merry songs of Soencraft (“Money For Thieving (& the Traps for Free)” by the Dire Wolves, “Welcome to the Dungeon”, “Put a Hex on You”) and Crinkledink… Baldrick asked for Crinkledink’s song “The Laughing Pigs”!

At night Vardast heard during his watch an animal screech followed by the sound of an animal screaming.

1st of Haggryme (The Fading of Winter), day 17 at Dolmenwood

The next day you found around the cave feathers and what appeared to be pieces of an animal carcass. Two Drunes (Celleddach and Gwentmarg) joined you for the travel further west into the woods. Soencraft played with his lute the famous travelling song “Eye of the Were-Tiger”. Theune lit her cherry-wood pipe and introduced Baldrick to smoking too… Theune explained that the pipeweed she is using is not very common and that it helped her in her arcane studies. This pipeweed is called “speckled wyrm”: a blend of greyish, rough-cut leaf with strands of silver. The smoke is woody and is speckled with glittering, silver motes. The taste is hoppy and brings about a state of intent concentration.

In your lunch stop, Crinkledink mixed a dose of the psychedelic compound called “triple-sod” with some wine in order to drug the two Drunes…
Triple-sod’s primary effect: beautiful geometric visuals. Side effect: sentiment reversed, that which is normally beloved perceived as hateful, and vice versa.
[rules: unless otherwise noted in a compound’s description, the effects will kick in one turn after consumption and last for 1d4 hours].
The Drunes started wandering aimlessly around the trees as you questioned them. Baldrick asked them what gods do they worship and they mentioned that they regard knowledge as sacred and key to their tenets is the hoarding of knowledge. You also asked how someone can become a Drune. They replied that they were raised as kids among the Drunes and that you must be borne by a Drune to become a Drune. They also noted that the Drunes are involved in a fight with the Goat Lords due to Malbleat’s recent encroachment into Drune territory. They also mentioned that the Drunes don’t like the Frost Elves and they are always concerned about the return of the Cold Prince from his exile into Dolmenwood.

After an hour, the effects of triple-sod waned. The Drunes were not happy that they were drugged… But they finally brought you to a wide and clear forest glade, with an ancient, gnarled oak tree in the centre. Among the roots of the oak, there was a hole, 3′ across. You found many prints and tracks around the hole: boot-prints and hoof-prints.

As Griya and Mannog were holding the rope, Vardast slowly descended into the underground…

Experience points:

20XP per character for exploration, clever use of equipment (use of caltrops, triple-sod, etc.)

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