Conan the Barbarian OSE Pt.2: Thog of Xuthal and Yag-Kosha, the Elephant-Being of Yag

I continue in this post my project to stat the main foes of Robert E. Howard’s Conan the Barbarian for Old School Essentials. My attempt is being as faithful as possible to the short stories (Part 1 here).

Thog Of Xuthal

‘That was Thog, the Ancient, the god of Xuthal, who dwells in the sunken dome in the center of the city. He has always dwelt in Xuthal. Whether he came here with the ancient founders, orwas here when they built the city, none knows. But the people of Xuthal worship him. Mostlyhe sleeps below the city, but sometimes at irregular intervals he grows hungry, and then hesteals through the secret corridors and the dim-lit chambers, seeking prey’.

The Slithering Shadows (1933)

Thog of Xuthal is a creature that has appeared in the short story Slithering Shadows. Xuthal is a ruined city of wonders and technologically speaking beyond the average of the Hyborian Age. Indeed, its citizens do not have the need to harvest food: they have invented ways to produce it even in the middle of a desert of Kush. However, the settlers of Xuthal spend most of their time dreaming under the use of drugs since they prefer dream to reality. Conan and the female slave Nathala finds shelter in this bizarre place after having escaped from the Stygians.

Inside the city, a Stygian sorceress called Thalis explains the story of the place and tell them the story of Thog: it is a demon from the stars that the wizards of Xuthal have summoned, and it is hungry. Thog appears as a shapeless shadow with frog face and multiple tentacles. Thalis tries to sacrifice Nathala to the creature, but the barbarian intervenes to rescue her. Only after a fierce close quarter combat, Conan manages to throw the demon back in the nearby chasm.

AC 1 [18]; HD 15 (77 hp); ATT 3 x Tentacles (1d8); THAC0 10 [+9]; MV 120′ (40′)/ Flying 180′ (60′); AL Chaotic; SV D11 W11 P5 B10 S12; TT G; XP 800

  • Surprise: Surprise on a 3-6 when waiting in the shadows for a prey.
  • Shadow Form: Once every round, Thog can teleport to any dim-light zone in the area or jump from one shadow to another.

Yag-Kosha the Elephant Being

‘Smoke and exotic scent of incense floated up from a brazier on a golden tripod, and behind it sat an idol on a sort of marble couch. Conan stared aghast; the image had the body of a man, naked, and green in color; but the head was one of nightmare and madness. Too large for the human body, it had no attributes of humanity. Conan stared at the wide flaring ears, the curling proboscis, on either side of which stood white tusks tipped with round golden balls. The eyes were closed, as if in sleep’

The Tower of the Elephant (1933)

In the short story Tower of the Elephant, Conan attempts to steal the ruby known as the Heart of the Elephant from the sorcerer living in the homonimous tower in the city of Arejun. During the heist, he meets with Yag-Kosha: one of the last members of a species of aliens who flew from their planet Yog after having lost a rebellion. Unfortunately, the entrance in the atmosphere had damaged his wings and during the following years his lower limbs have atrophied. Many humans during the ages before Hyboria worshipped like a god Yag-Kosha. And it continued until Yara — the sorcerer who terrified Zamora and former pupil of the creature— imprisoned him. Inside the tower, Yara obliged Yag-Kosha through torture to share his knowledge about arcane powers. In the short story, Conan uses the heart of the creature to ban Yara on another plane of existence just before the collapse of the building.

AC 5 [14]; HD 15 (56 hp); ATT 1 x Proboscis (2d8); THAC0 16 [+3]; MV 90′ (30′); AL Neutral; SV D10 W6 P12 B15 S8; TT O; XP 950

  • Magic-User Spells: 6 x 1st level; 5 x 2nd level; 4 x 3rd level; 4 x 4th level; 3 x 5th level. (The choice is up to the referee)
  • Magic Resistance: +4 resistance to all Spell saving throws.
  • Heart of the Elephant: If Yag-Kosha is killed, it leaves behind a red gem of the value of 3600 gp. However, it has 40% of teleporting who touches it in another dimension inside the stone.

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