The Grey Coast – West Marches OSE – Session 06

In the fifth session of the Greyt Coast West Marches OSE campaign, there has been a total party kill.

  • Sunshine the Elf (Deceased)
  • Koras the Cleric (Deceased)
  • Hayfinger the Thief (Deceased)
  • Tharduir the Dwarf (Deceased)

A bitter end

It is another day in Greymouth Harbour. In the middle of the monastery, the abbot applied a strange bluish potion on Sunshine, turning him back from stone. Koras had to ask help to him after a basilisk had petrified the elven mistress. Sunshine decided to risk again and explore more the ruins of the Tomb. Tharduir and Hayfinger joined him at the Black Boar’s Inn & Lodge after hearing the last exploit at the tomb. The group also hired a cleric named Rilexa besides the people of the last expedition (Graphar, Sven, Drelan, and the wizard apprentice Efri). After a whole morning of planning, they are out on the road again. The journey and the weather were pleasant. Soon, they were back at the waterfall on the edge of the forest. This time, Drelan stayed outside with the cart, and the rest entered.

They have moved as fast as possible to the central heptagonal hall with the pit. They checked first the south-western room: a sort of priest room full of scrolls fallen on the floor, where a silver icon representing a snake man stood on a small altar. Koras searched the scrolls, finding a scrap with the name ‘Baltoplat’ faded but still readable on it. They used the ten feet pole to move aside the icon and take it without triggering any trap.

The next room was the eastern one: when they have opened the door, a strange skeletal snake man raised and moved to attack them. The skeletal creature injured Tharduir at the arm, breaking part of the wooden shield. Sunshine asked Hayfinger to pass him a better-suited weapon to fight this monster β€” she had only a dagger and a bow. The thief has grabbed his sword and thrown it to the elf who took it on the fly. Surrounding the undead, the party managed to overwhelm it. The place was empty, except for some funeral trinkets on the floor.

The western door did not have so many surprises: someone has not finished the room, and it was dug only by half. Someone has abandoned plenty of rusted tools and shovels on the ground.

They have decided then to venture on the southern decorated door, where a stair was leading down below. Tharduir and Hayfinger noticed that the third step was not fixed; and indeed, it was the trigger for a trap: when they have triggered it, the stair became a smooth ramp at which end a pit full of sharp spikes opened. After a minute, the stair has returned to its normal position. Skipping that particular step, the party managed to crawl beneath without activating the trap. They reached a vast hexagonal hall covered by ancient steel shields. At the other side, there was an opening of 30′ feet on an immense dark cliff. Out of nowhere a colossal skeletal snake man of more than 12’form emerged from the darkness; such undead giant was wearing a full plate armour, and it was holding an axe. The skeletal snake giant grabbed Graphar and killed the mercenary instantly. Koras and Rilexa tried to turn it away, but they failed: their holy symbol burned like hell and it fell on the ground. It was too strong for them. Sunshine aimed to the head with the bow to distract him and allowing the rest of the band to escape. He managed, and they ran away. At the top of the stairs, they saw that the giant skeleton was trying to grab them, but the passage was too narrow for him. Hayfinger proposed to attack him from a distance, but Sunshine convinced the thief to leave it alone.

Afterwards, they checked the room in the south-east: there was just one single stone coffin. While the rest of the band was searching for secret doors, Hayfinger inspected the coffin: no signs of a violation, however, there was a black slime pouring from it. Hayfinger smelled it and felt sick. Fortunately, Sunshine had a healing potion β€” identified last time from Melfiner β€” and he healed the poor thief.

Finally, they investigated the last door on the north-east. There, the tragedy happened: Sunshine noticed a slightly higher tile than the others under the door with a sigil on top; she checked it with the usual pole and the sigil activated. An electrical explosion invested the band, frying them. Only Rilexa has survived almost burnt on the floor. After some hours, Drelan entered, finding the corpses and taking all their belongings. For the rest of our adventures, only the darkness awaited them.

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